The Approach Makes a Difference

Your goals are our passion

All Care Services was founded on the belief that "we can and will make a difference".  Our goal is to help individuals realize and achieve their goals.

Change and growth are scary sometimes for people.  What you may see as a wonderful opportunity for expanding your world may scare some people back into their self made shell. 

Here at ACS, we focus first on learning our individuals.  What they like, what they want to do, where they think they fit in, where they excel, and what their shortcomings are.  We find out where they are and then introduce them to individually designed situations in a way that they feel safe and can be successful.  Building on each success in a non-threatening way makes a difference for them.  We encourage them to expand their world in a way that doesn't scare them or leave them feeling alone in a big "new" world they may have not experienced before.