Residential care plans are unique to the individual.

Within Residential care, we offer three main types of staffing.

1.  Full time staff - If the individual is home and is not able to stay alone, then our staff is there to help them with their daily living tasks.

2.  Adult Foster Care - The individual lives in the home of an ACS staff member.

3.  Drop In Services - For those that can live on their own or perhaps live with a relative and only need between 5 and 15 hours per week of care, we build a plan around the individual's needs.

Regardless of the living situation, we provide a comprehensive service in our residential settings. 

These are some of the services we provide in residential care.

• Follow ISP Plan • Laundry
• Cleaning • Personal Care
• Medical Assistance • Recreational Outings
• Cooking • Payeeship services
• Shopping • Learning activities
• Transportation • Benefit Management